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3 Weeks On…

Exactly three weeks since my last post here, and I don;t have a frightening lot to show for this time. I have been studying even more haphazardly these three weeks, barely sudying at all during the weekdays, and with the realization of time & opportunity wasted dawning ,usually, sometime every Saturday, I sit down to study on Sundays. 

Well, whatever might have been the routine till now, I have managed to wrap up Kaplan Premier (excluding the sections on the AWA & the Word Problems). I have religiously mainitained a sheet, though, of all the questions that  I am getting wrong (should I maintain a separate list of the ones where I had a doubt, but chose the right answer as well? Maybe..) I picked up this idea from somewhere on the blogosphere itself, probably the BeatTheGMAT blog, but I forget. 

So, with a small part of my prep over, I head over to the biggest part, the OG. Here is a rough schedule that I had initially drawn up and am trying to follow:

March 15-21 : Finish Kaplan SC, CR

                           : Pick up Kaplan PS, DS

March 22- 28: Finish Kaplan PS, DS

                            : Pick up Kaplan RC

March 29 – April 4 : Finish Kaplan & Pick up OG 11’s SC & CR

Till April End / May 1st week : Finish OG, Start practicing AWA’s

Till May End : Revise OG & Kaplan

June 1st week : (Hopefully) Give the GMAT


Already I am lagging behind, the April 4 week is gone and I haven’t yet started off OG 11. I can see a few loopholes too in my prep plan. First of all, I SHOULD TAKE A DATE.. and then study, atleast that would make sure that I do not keep pushing things off for later. Secondly, I should not stick to one aspect of teh prep only. While I am studying SC, for instance, I should also be going through like 10 questions a day, of  all other topics. This would make sure that the tips that I have learnt while doing a through study of any one section do not fade away from my memory.

So, well. Time again to put my preps back on track. I will be starting off with OG today. And I think I need to download some of the more famous Verbal notes that are there on the net, such as Spidey’s or Sahil’s. They can be found everywhere. 

Here I go. Wish me luck..!


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