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Today, I start :)

Actually, I had started my GMAT prep almost a year back, studied irregularly for about a month, but eventually decided not to give GMAT that soon. So, for all practical purposes this is the start of my GMAT journey.

I hope to keep an account of my GMAT prep here, so that even I don’t forget what shape it is taking, and later on (hopefully) I can come back and read my experiences early on in my preparation.

About two weeks back, I had taken the GMAT Prep’s Practice Test 1, and got a score of 780 on it. I don’t remember my Verbal Raw Score, but my QA raw score was 51. I believe that it was a one-off score, and am not so sure how much GMAT-like the practice test of the GMAT Prep is, but it is a confidence-booster nevertheless, and a nice way to start off my prep 🙂

For the last two weeks I have been studying very sporadically; I have been going throgh the SC & CR sections of the Kaplan Premier Program 2008 Edition that I had bought last year. So, just to rejuvenate my already flagging prep, I took Practice Test2 of the GMAT Prep, and was, well, shocked with a score of 730 (QA : 50, Verbal: 38). I remember giving a few practice tests last year too, and this is definitely my lowest score so far. So, yeah, a wake-up call for me, reminding me that I have only just begun.

I plan to be a lot more regular in my studies now, let us see where I go.


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