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I have requested for information on the websites of almost all the B-schools I liked in my first round of long-listing. And I have started receiving those packets as well. At last count, I had received packets from MIT, Emory, Chicago Booth, Virginia & Haas. Out of these I haven’t gone through the Emory packet yet, but loved the view books of Haas & Booth. Virginia’s packet disappointed me, somehow, though I had a great fascination to Darden.

I am currently trying to figure out what schools to apply to. Considering my propensity towards Entrepreneurship in the Sustainability arena, Ross & Haas are looking like great options at the moment. Still reading vociferously though..!


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I got my AWA score as well. I scored a 6..! A perfect way to offset my not so great percentile in VA in GMAT.  🙂

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My G-Score

Finally, the day dawned. I was obviously a tad nervous but was trying to show as if I wasn’t. Anyhow, I reached my centre by about 10:25 ( I was supposed to reach by 10:30, half an hour before my appointment at 11) and was immediately escorted in after signing a register. It was followed by a quick read of the instructions while the officials validated my passport and checked my appointment. A couple of scans of the veins of my palm & a briefing about the rules & guidelines later I was on my seat.

I was first asked to select my 5 schools, which I did (Haas, Ross, ISB, Duke & Emory) and then my test started off. First up were the two AWAs. The issue essay was easy and I blabbered on. I remember using Bunty & Bubli as an example somewhere, thought that the human grader might like that touch 😉 The argument essay was something easy as well, though I can’t remember the topic. Everything went fine, except for the fact that in one of the essays, I wasn’t able to click on the submit answer button, as I couldn’t finish proof-reading my essay in time.  That did bother me, even during the 10 minute break, of which I must have used 4-5 minutes. But I tried to calm myself and ate something, drank water and took a few deep breaths.

Next up was Maths, and I was quietly confident here. But my confidence was to suffer a major blow in the first question itself. No, I managed to do the question all right, and pretty easily too, it is just that it twas tougher than I had expected my first question to be. And that trend followed. Each question was a grade or two tougher than any QA question I had encountered in a GMAT PP test. But, hey, the Indian education system, prep for IIT-JEE and 4 years of Engineering in India leave you quite well equipped to handle anything that is thrown at you by the SATs/GREs/GMATs..! So, got through the QA section, always fearful of a silly mistake, and double-checking each answer. I finished it with only around 4 minutes to spare, much less than my usual (around 20-25 minutes). Another short visit to the loo and it was time for some serious work, Verbal.

Now, this was the section I had most worked on, well, everybody does. And right from the first question I was made to think. My initial few questions seemed quite tough to me, and I was heartened by that fact. So, I tarried on. Around the 7th or 8th question, I got a couple of easy ones, at least I thought they were too easy, that played on mind for about a second or two. But then I swatted that thought out and concentrated on the questions. I thought that my SCs & CRs were going well, but was not too sure about my RCs. Particularly the last one, where, I thought, at least two questions hinged on the understanding of one word, the meaning of which I couldn’t really remember and didn’t have too much time to figure out either.  I answered the questions anyway and with a heave finished the section with only about half a minute to spare.

As I sat filling the survey/information questions at the end of the test, all I could think of was how I must have screwed my VA & how many careless mistakes I must have made in my QA. But, secretly I was hoping for a score around 780. I thought I had done enough to get that. After a never-ending list of questions, my score came up. I had gotten a 760…! A 51 in QA  & a 41 in VA landed me in the 99th percentile with 760. My first reaction to that score was, well, damn it..! I had wanted to beat my mentor’s score of 770 real bad. But it was not to be. After my initial pang of disappointment (41 in VA with a 91 percentile, I thought I could/should have done loads better than that), I reasoned that 760 ain’t a bad score either. At least I won’t be giving the test again.. 😀

I was quite excited about my score. So I called home and told my mum, got a call from a dear friend, and also called up the guy who had been guiding me throughout. With my test over I could now think about a fay or two of complete rest and then the grind of the application process would begin. But for now.. I am content..! 🙂

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