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The Final Leg

Call it fatigue, laziness, pig-headedness or anything else for that matter, I stayed away from the blogosphere for more than a month, trying to concentrate on office work as well as my studies, not to mention the extra (non-office, non-study) work that I have taken on (well) from office.

Enough rambling, my stats for the last one month:

  • I completed my OG 11, almost over with OG 10 SC (using Manhattan’s topic-wise split)
  • Took up Kaplan 800 & going over it now (RC & SC.. Will pick up the rest soon)
  • Gave a lot of FLTs. And here are my scores :
    • Kaplan 1 : 670 (Q50, V37)
    • Kaplan 2 : 740 (Q50, V41) – This was a sham, the CD stopped working on laptop, had to reinstall on my desktop and gave Kaplan 2 there. Many of the QA & Verbal questions were repeated. Hence, a pointless exercise actually.
    • Kaplan 3 : 670 (Q50, V37)
    • GMAT Prep Round 2:
      • GMAT Prep 1 : 770 (Q51, V44)
      • GMAT Prep 2 : 770 (Q51, V44)

That is my test status. Befpore moving on, I have to add that had I not known that Kaplan’s FLTs usually give shockingly low scores, and are pretty challenging in the Verbal part, I would definitely have been thinking of bunking my GMAT plans for now. But thanks to all the gurus of GMAT gyaan, because of whom I was pre-informed of this trait of the Kaplan tests, I am not unduly worried.

Also, I must add that a few times I found the Kaplan answers (I think all of them were in QA) to be absolutely wrong. However, getting a score of 50 3 consecutive times is not very pleasing, considering the care I put in to ensure that I do not make any silly mistakes, which, more than anything else,  have been my nemesis in QA.

Apart from this, I am now looking to book a date within the next month. I am yet to start on AWAs, but I hope that’s okay. I will start on them soon. And then there is Kaplan 800 that needs to be finished, idioms to be sorted out and OG 11 to be gone over again.

Amid all this I have definitely not done anything about the apping process, yet. Don’t really think that I will be able to start on that till my GMAT. Let us see…!


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